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What is Lane Tracking System?

What is Lane Tracking System?

What is Lane Keeping System?

Samsun Carsamba Airport car rental company < As strong>5s CarRental, we have prepared a blog about the question what is lane tracking system?. Well, what is lane tracking system? You can continue reading our blog for details.

What is Lane Keeping System?

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What is a lane tracking system?; It has a simple working mechanism. Usually, a camera placed behind an interior rear view mirror or behind a windshield is activated by detecting lane markings. Thanks to this process, the position of the vehicle is also calculated by the control unit of the system. If your vehicle starts to change direction slowly left or right instead of following the position, the system will alert the driver with sound or steering wheel vibration. On the other hand, without paying attention to the warning, some vehicles will interfere with the vehicle and cause the vehicle to stay in the lane. It can be said that this is the ideal system to get out of the lane due to distraction, especially on long-distance highways.

The operating conditions of the system are different. For example, one lane line is sufficient for some cars, while others require more. Likewise, although it differs between different manufacturers, it can be said that it is activated after an average speed of 60 km / h. If the vehicle is below the set speed limit or the driver is not holding the steering wheel, the system will be deactivated. In many cars, when they signal when they want to change lanes, they disable the system to change lanes. Most systems can detect situations where the driver is driving a vehicle and is automatically disabled. So, how does lane tracking system work?

How does lane tracking system work?

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What is a lane tracking system?, let's examine how this system works. The lane tracking system, which we will encounter even in vehicles with low equipment levels, is usually activated when you exceed 60 kilometers per hour. The system can detect when you are accidentally drifting out of the lane while driving; It will alert you loudly by vibrating the steering wheel or tightening the belt. On some models, if you do not respond to the warning, the system will intervene on the steering wheel and steer the vehicle to a safe area in the lane. Some system brands require at least two channels, although some system brands can even operate with a single channel. The system can also detect the driver's signal or other conscious response without disturbing the vehicle.

It is a system that prevents vehicle accidents by cutting the lane and was generally invented for long-distance driving or highways. The weirdest question with this system is whether it can be installed later. Although it is said that the lane keeping system can be installed later, it is well known that the process is costly and can cause damage to various parts of the vehicle.

How to Disable the Lane Keeping System?

One of the most confusing things about this system is how the system will react when deliberately changing lanes. At this point, the signal arm starts to work. In many cars, the system is automatically deactivated when the driver wants to change the lane signal. In many cars, when it wants to change lanes, the system is deactivated and signals to change lanes. Most lane tracking systems detect when the driver is manipulating the vehicle and deactivate it.

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