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Trabzon Airport Car Rental

Trabzon Airport Car Rental

When you arrive at Trabzon Airport, you may want to rent a car to explore the city and its surroundings. Trabzon Airport car rental services offer various options to assist you in this regard. In this article, you can find answers to how to rent a car at Trabzon Airport, what to pay attention to, and which types of cars to prefer.

How to Rent a Car at Trabzon Airport:

To rent a car at Trabzon Airport, you need to make a reservation online first. This way, you both secure the car you want in advance and may find more affordable prices. When making a reservation, you'll need to specify the pick-up and drop-off dates, times, car model, fuel type, and any additional services. Additionally, you'll be required to provide your credit card information for picking up and returning the car.

Once you complete your reservation, you can pick up your car upon landing at Trabzon Airport. Presenting your reservation number and driver's license will be sufficient to pick up the car.

For returning the car, you need to arrive at Trabzon Airport at the designated date and time and return the car in a clean condition.

What to Pay Attention to When Renting a Car at Trabzon Airport:

When renting a car at Trabzon Airport, there are some points to consider:

  • Check the insurance coverage of your car. Some insurances cover only basic damages, while others are comprehensive. If you want full coverage, you may need to pay an extra fee.
  • Check the mileage limit of your car. Some cars offer unlimited mileage, while others have a specific limit. If you exceed the limit, you may need to pay an additional fee.
  • Check the additional services of your car. Some cars offer extra services like a navigation system, child seat, luggage carrier, etc. If you want to use these services, you may need to pay an extra fee.

Which Cars to Prefer for Trabzon Airport Car Rental:

The type of car you choose for Trabzon Airport car rental depends on your needs and budget. Generally, you can consider the following types of cars:

  • Economy cars: These cars are budget-friendly, fuel-efficient, and small in size. They are suitable for city driving, but they may have limited trunk capacity and comfort.
  • Mid-size cars: These cars are more expensive than economy cars, more spacious, and more comfortable. They are suitable for both city and intercity travel, but they may have higher fuel consumption.
  • Luxury cars: These are the most expensive, spacious, and comfortable cars. They are suitable for both city and intercity travel, but they have high fuel consumption and may be challenging to park in the city.
  • SUV cars: These cars are high-performance, spacious, and safe. They are suitable for mountainous or rugged areas but have high fuel consumption and may be challenging to park in the city.

For more information about Trabzon Airport car rental, you can visit 5s Explore Trabzon and its surroundings with Trabzon Airport car rental!

Advantages of Renting a Car with 5s CarRental at Trabzon Airport:

Trabzon, one of the most beautiful cities in the Black Sea region, attracts travelers who want to explore both its natural beauty and historical/cultural richness. Therefore, renting a car from Trabzon Airport is the best option to comfortably navigate the city.

5s CarRental, providing car rental services at Trabzon Airport, offers many advantages to its customers. The privileges of renting a car with 5s CarRental include:

  • Diverse car fleet: They offer different brands and models of cars to fit every budget and need. Whether you want an economical or luxury car, you can easily find the car you desire.
  • Affordable prices: 5s CarRental keeps the car rental prices at Trabzon Airport competitive. Additionally, you can get more discounts by making an early reservation.
  • Easy and fast processes: 5s CarRental ensures that customers can easily and quickly complete car rental processes. You can make a reservation, pick up your car, and return it either from their offices at Trabzon Airport or through their website.
  • Fast delivery: They quickly deliver your car to you at Trabzon Airport, allowing you to pick it up before or after your flight without unnecessary delays.
  • Fully equipped cars: 5s CarRental rents fully equipped cars with features like air conditioning, navigation, music system, child seat, etc. All cars are the latest models.
  • Safe and comfortable driving: Regular maintenance and cleaning of cars provide customers with a safe and comfortable driving experience. Additionally, cars come with features like navigation, air conditioning, music system, etc.
  • Customer satisfaction: Prioritizing customer satisfaction, 5s CarRental provides 24/7 customer service. In case of any issues or requests, you can contact their call center.

These are not the only privileges of renting a car with 5s CarRental at Trabzon Airport. When you come to Trabzon, explore the city with 5s CarRental!

General Information about Trabzon Airport:

Trabzon Airport is an international airport serving the city of Trabzon in the Black Sea region of Turkey. In operation since 1957, the airport serves both domestic and international flights. Trabzon Airport is operated by DHMI.

The total area of Trabzon Airport is 1,573,353 m2. The airport has one runway with dimensions of 2640 m x 45 m, running parallel to the sea and providing scenic views during takeoff and landing. The terminal building was renovated and its capacity increased in 2018. Facilities in the terminal include passenger waiting lounges, a VIP lounge, cafeteria, restaurant, market, car rental offices, bank ATMs, and a health unit.

Transportation from the city center to Trabzon Airport can be done by municipal bus, taxi, or private car. Transportation by municipal bus takes about 30 minutes, while taxi transportation takes approximately 15 minutes. For passengers with private cars, paid parking services are available at the airport.

Flights departing from Trabzon Airport connect to various cities in Turkey and some international destinations. Daily flights to major cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir, Adana, and weekly or seasonal flights to foreign cities such as Baku, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, London are available. Airlines operating at Trabzon Airport include Turkish Airlines, Pegasus, AnadoluJet, SunExpress, and AZAL.

You can access the current flight information for Trabzon Airport through its website or mobile application.