About Us

5S CarRental was founded in 2011. We started with the import and export of spare parts in the international automotive sector. However, Turkey's most massive 6 of our seven branches in provinces, and we have begun to serve in the rental industry with more than 1000 vehicles are the latest models. The provinces we serve are as follows; Samsun, Ankara, Istanbul Asia-Istanbul Europe. Also, 5S CarRental company is engaged in the sale of used cars.


Our mission


We work to meet all product and service expectations at the highest level through our qualified, educated, experienced staff and managers who can fully understand the standard or different expectations of our customers both in the world and throughout the country.


We aim to be the most reliable and innovative company in the automotive sector by combining our full range of products and our full stocks which can be easily accessed through the unique system requested by our customers with our favorable and economical price policy.


Our vision


We can provide all the technological and consultancy services of the automotive industry with all the spare parts and spare parts that are in demand throughout the world and supply the high-quality consumables used in these process slices by the reasonable prices. We always adopt the principle of being the leading company in the sector by using the most suitable and comfortable vehicles.