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Car Rental at Ankara Esenboğa Airport

Car Rental at Ankara Esenboğa Airport

The 5S Carrental, which has been performing successful activities in the automotive sector since year 2011, it is one of the companies that has made its name in the field of import and export of spare parts, while proceeding on the path of the Turkey's most ambitious rent a car company. These activities, which started in the eight big cities of the Turkey as a priority, accelerated after a while as one of the best rental car companies in its field. In general, the areas we carry out for car rental activities in these eight big cities are as follows:


  • Ankara Esenboga Airport,
  • Ankara City Office,
  • Istanbul New Airport,
  • Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport,
  • Samsun Carsamba Airport,
  • Samsun City Office,
  • Trabzon Airport,
  • Antalya Airport,
  • İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport,
  • Kayseri Airport,
  • Bodrum Milas Muğla Airport.


The 5S CarRental, which operates 24/7 at Ankara Esenboga Airport, is the most striking of the opportunities offered to all its customers, offering rental services with 2023 year model brandnew vehicles. On the other hand, one of the best difference from other Ankara car rental companies is that there is no mileage limitation in 5scarrental cars. This is of course a great advantage for long-distance travels. Other possibilities offered by our company are instant delivery from the airport, payment on delivery with the pre-reservation system, and the most attractive rental prices of the area according to the conditions. Our company's other rental car models, of which 99% of all rental models in our fleet are almost brandnew vehicles, serve at a maximum of 5,000  km. You can get trouble-free car rental service since our company, which you can contact from any point at any time, can serve not only with the pre-reservation system but also instantly. At this point, our support team, who is with you during the entire rental process, also provides support on motor insurance or insurance issues. Thus, it is ensured that all customers are at ease and comfortable during the trip.


The General Information About Ankara Esenboğa Airport ;


Increasing its density and service quality every year, the airport easily offers privileged opportunities to those who prefer this type of transportation.

Although the Ankara, which is Capital city and one of the cities that are very rich in terms of culture, is one of the cities where daily business trips are popular, its historical past and the fact that the Turkey's important sightseeing points are located here point to the reason for the airport density. Being the largest city in Central Anatolia, of course, ensures that air transportation is concentrated at this point.


The Ankara Esenboga Airport, where the density of both domestic and international flights is experienced, is located 28 km from the city center. The airport transportation, which is located in the Akyurt district, is provided by commercial taxis, buses and airport shuttles. One of the most preferred services at the airport is rental car options, as the city usually receives visitors from a cultural point of view. Likewise, such activities provide comfortable and affordable transportation options for short or longer trips.

The Ankara Esenboga Airport, where connecting flights are also frequent, serves not only passenger transportation but also general aviation services and cargo terminal. The airport, which was renewed in year 2006 and increased its service capacity, covers an area of 182 thousand m² in terms of domestic and international flights. There are many facilities such as resting areas, eating and drinking areas, parking lot, shopping points, luggage drop office, 4 different Lounges and the Ankara Esenboga Airport car rental offices in the airport, where the place that prefers air transportation and foreign tourists can meet all their needs. Before or after your flight, you can find the area for all your needs in the terminal area. The Ankara Esenboga Airport, which is close to many districts of the city in terms of location, is one of the cities where transportation difficulties that cause problems in other provinces are not experienced.



How can I rent a car at Ankara Esenboğa Airport?


The 5S CarRental company, which offers the highest quality and attractively priced car rental services in Turkey's 8 big cities, provides service at two different points in Ankara. Apart from our main office located in Cankaya city, you can also benefit from instant rental car options at Esenboga Airport. The 5S CarRental company, where you can take advantage of the rental car options by making use of the instant car rental or reservation system, is one of the points where you can get a car at any time of the year. The 5S CarRental, which provides the same quality service not only at the Ankara Esenboga Airport but also at all airport car rental offices, primarily focuses on 100% customer satisfaction. For this reason, it focuses on providing instant quality and trouble-free service for people who need a rental car. Among the quality service offered to all customers, it is among the priorities to offer the most suitable rental car options for the wishes, expectations and conditions of the people.


The 5S CarRental is  located in Ankara Esenboga Airport car rental point, which provides a great convenience to those who want to travel comfortably, luxuriously and as they wish, serves 7/24 in the domestic terminal. You can also use the 0850 360 06 55 customer call service support line to contact our company, which you can also reach from the Esenboga Airport car park, or you can write on the WhatsApp mobile line. Apart from the two different transportation systems, it is also possible to review the rental car models and conditions that you can present to you by accessing our website over the internet. These communication methods, which are especially preferred by those who want to reserve the rental car brand and model you want, with the early reservation system, provide active service at all hours of the day. One of the two most striking features of our company, where you can provide daily, weekly or monthly rental car options without any problems and quickly, with the advantages of no-mileage limitation, while the other is to benefit from payment options on delivery. These advantages that make us better and different from other Ankara car rental companies are the ones that are most satisfied with long-term rentals.


The Transportation to Ankara Esenboga Airport  ;


Located between Cubuk and Akyurt districts, The Ankara Esenboga Airport is 28 km from the city center. Since most of the city and country traffic is provided by this airport and it is directly affects the population density of the city, it can be considered as one of the busiest regions of the province. The 5S CarRental company, which aims to provide the same quality service to both local and foreign tourists, provides service within the airport, so you can get a rental car as soon as you get off the plane. Since the airport is located between Cubuk and Akyurt districts, it may be easier to reach the airport from districts close to these districts. Districts closer to the airport in terms of location are: Kalecik, Cankırı, Pursaklar, Kahramankazan, Kızılcıhamam. For this reason, it is possible to reach the airport from the mentioned districts by personal vehicles. However, there are several methods that can be preferred in general to reach Ankara Esenboga Airport from the city center or other points. If we consider these methods in detail, public transportation is undoubtedly the leading transportation method that attracts attention.


Among the public transportation types that can be preferred for transportation to the Ankara Esenboga Airport, the easiest is to take advantage of the bus lines. At this point, there are two different options you can choose from. Depending on the location of the route you will use to reach the airport, you can use the Belko buses passing in front of the 19 Mayis Stadium Gate B. In addition, the EGO bus line 442 will also take you to Ankara Esenboga Airport. On the other hand, people who want to benefit from a more comfortable and faster transportation can also benefit from the commercial taxis that serve in the city. While commercial taxis, which provide a much easier transportation opportunity to people who are comfortable with their budget, are preferred for transportation to the airport, they are not preferred much for transportation from the airport to the city center. To reach the city center or other sightseeing points, the most comfortable and affordable mode of transportation will be to take advantage of the Ankara Esenboga Airport car rental options.