Driving in Rainy Weather – Samsun Carsamba Airport Car Rental

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Driving in Rainy Weather – Samsun Carsamba Airport Car Rental

Samsun Carsamba Airport Car Rental

Driving in Rainy Weather – Samsun Carsamba Airport Car Rental

Samsun Çarşamba Airport car rental or when traveling with your own vehicle, we have compiled for you the things to consider in rainy weather.

While driving in the rain is a pleasure for some people, it also causes accidents as a result of carelessness. Traffic rules must be obeyed. Apart from traffic rules, there are some important points that you should pay attention to. Samsun Carsamba Airport car rental companies, renting cars fitted with tires suitable for the season and weather conditions and traveling safely you can.

Things to Consider While Driving in the Rain


It will be noticed that the roads are curved. The reason for this is to allow water to flow to the edges and collect when it rains. That's why you should go as far as possible in the middle of the road. This is not possible on highways. However, you can apply it in more secluded places, in the inner city, in the side streets. While trying to go from the middle of the road, the other side should definitely be controlled. The road should not be paved, you should be careful about what may come your way. With the Samsun Çarşamba Airport car rental service, you should also pay attention to these issues with the vehicle you rent.

Front Headlights

Another feature of new generation cars is that the headlights turn on when the ignition is switched on. During the daytime, drivers can turn it off to save battery. However, it is useful to turn on the headlights in rainy weather even during the daytime. It should not be bright enough to impress people. That's why you have to adjust the strength of the light. Thus, both you can see the road and the drivers coming from the opposite side can see you. If you have rented a car with Samsun Çarşamba Airport car rental, you need to check the headlights of the vehicle.


The most necessary part is the wipers when driving in the rain. Wipers have many operating speeds. You should adjust this according to the intensity of the rain. However, in some cases the wipers cannot reach. In this case, you should never continue on the road. Everyone is aware that one should not continue driving without seeing the road. However, in some cases, rain may be ignored. If the rain is very heavy, it must be pulled over.

On some narrow roads, oncoming cars may splash water on your car. For such cases, you should pay attention to the fact that the water of your wipers is always full. Samsun Carsamba Airport car rental companies pay attention to ensure that the wipers do not lack water.

Deep Puddles

Roads are built curved. However, sometimes this is not enough due to the intensity of the rain. In such cases, very deep puddles may form. You should not go from areas where there is a lot of water. Puddles will prevent you from seeing road damage. In this case, your car may receive serious damage. You should consider the possibility of staying on the road and your car breaking down.

You should also stay away from areas where there is a danger of flooding, except for roads. While it is raining heavily, you should not pass through areas that may be flooded, such as tunnels. Otherwise, you may suffer both material and moral damages. If you encounter such a situation with the car you rented from a company that provides Samsun Çarşamba Airport car rental service, you should inform the company authorities.

Speed ​​Control

Most of the roads have maximum speed limits. The speed limits agreed here are those in the best weather conditions. That's why you should drive below the speed limit you see when it's raining. On wet surfaces, the wheels of your car rub less against the road. Contact with the road is decreasing. This will reduce your steering control. If you exceed the speed limit, you may not be able to brake. It is important for your safety while driving in rainy weather that you check the tires of the vehicle you rent with Samsun Çarşamba Airport car rental.

During the rain, you may feel that you have lost control of your car. In this case, if you brake suddenly or change the direction of the steering wheel, you can cause serious accidents. Instead, you should gradually reduce the speed of your vehicle. You should stop by reducing the speed.


In rainy weather, evaporation may occur on the windows of your vehicle. To prevent this, it is sufficient to run your air conditioner. Thus, the hot and cold air balance will be provided and steam will not be formed. However, you should pay attention to the maintenance of your air conditioner, especially in this regard. You have to make sure it works. When you rent a car at Samsun Çarşamba Airport, you should check the air conditioners of the car.

Following Distance

The roads become even more slippery in rainy moments. This will increase your braking distance. You should move with a greater following distance than usual. According to experts, this distance must be at least 2 seconds.