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Opel Corsa Features

Opel Corsa Features

Opel Corsa brand passenger cars, which was awarded the most sensible passenger car to buy in Europe in 2020 car rental Izmir companies are also a model frequently added to their fleets. Among the reasons why Opel Corsa vehicles are so preferred, there are different features of the Opel Corsa. These features are explained as follows.

Opel Corsa Design Features

The most outstanding of German design The new Opel Corsas, one of the examples of buyers, attract attention with their perfect details and flawless lines. The new Opel corsas, which have a sporty and athletic appearance, have features that will attract the attention of the young generation. they have in their possession.

 Among the features that will reinforce the sporty and athletic design, 17 inch Diamond cut wheels take the first place. In addition, the double outlet chrome exhausts of Corsa are also very interesting.

Another reason why Opel Corsas are so interesting is that they provide a luxurious experience. All the details used in this model appear as the product of fine taste. In addition, the new Opel Corsas, designed using quality materials, provide drivers and passengers with a high experience. car rental İzmir companies, which care about the experiences of their customers, are adding new Opel Corsas to their weight for these reasons.

 With driver-oriented control panels, a safe and enjoyable driving experience is experienced. Panoramic windows in the Opel Corsa designs create a feeling of wider interior volume. In addition, the White and black roof options of the Opel Corsas make it a much more stylish model.

What's New in Opel Corsa


 With the headlights of the new Opel Corsa, it illuminates the roads more broadly. Thanks to this wide lighting, especially night journeys become safer. Another feature of the headlights used in Corsas is the perfect illumination of the road. All these features are very important for the safety of car rental Izmir companies and their customers.

Lane Keeping Feature

 Lane Keeping Feature is now available in many vehicles, but Opel Corsa has taken this feature one step further. Thanks to the LKA system, the vehicle automatically reacts to dangerous processes. Thanks to these reactions, vehicles out of lane are automatically directed to their lane. The lane change warning system, on the other hand, warns you if you unintentionally leave the lane, allowing you to re-enter with your own honor. In order for the O features to be activated, the hands have to be on the steering wheel. Even these features allow them to be preferred by car rental Izmir companies.

Rear View Camera

 Reversing cameras are now among the most used equipment for parking. The biggest feature of the rear view camera of the Opel Corsa is that it has a 180-degree view. It is extremely easy to spot with the rear view camera, which has a panoramic view in its special year.

Active Emergency Braking System

 Opel Corsa's innovations include an active emergency braking system. Thanks to this system, the vehicle automatically sees the pedestrians and slows down the drivers. Corsas, which also take pedestrians into account in traffic safety, are therefore preferred by car rental İzmir companies.

Forward Collision Warning

 Another transitional front collision warning in Opel Corsas. Thanks to this system, the system automatically warns the drivers at a certain distance between the vehicle and the vehicle. In this way, the safety of pedestrians and vehicles is ensured.

Digital Dashboard

 The digital dashboard in Opel Corsas is a display that drivers can easily see. positioned accordingly. Thanks to the highly detailed digital dashboard, drivers can capture every detail of the processes. Among these details, they can access speed, navigation and much more information.

Multimedia Systems

 The most important thing to have a pleasant journey One of the elements is undoubtedly multimedia systems. It is important that Car rental Izmir companies find this feature. On the other hand, Opel corsas have multimedia systems with a 10-inch screen. In addition, these systems are supported by Apple carplay and Android auto.

Opel Corsas with Superior Comfort Options

 Opel Corsas, which offer superior comfort and security to their users, have added many elements to their models to make them experience this pleasure. Among these features are the following.

Heated Seats

 Winter travels are much more comfortable. To make it enjoyable, Opel Corsa has designed Heating System for its front seats. Traveling in the winter months has become much more enjoyable with these pre-heated seats.

Expanded Baggage Volume

companies are for vacation purposes. For this reason, it is extremely important that the selected vehicles have a wide trunk. Opel Corsas have a folding feature of the rear seats, so they have an increased luggage volume.

 With the unfolded rear seats, the volume is 309 liters. It can fit many suitcases with the luggage volume of Opel Corsas.

Automatic Air Conditioning with Electronic Climate Control

 Air conditioning is indispensable for the driving experience of vehicles used in All Seasons are among the elements. Another reason why Opel Corsa is preferred so much by car rental Izmir companies that care about customer's driving experience is that these vehicles have automatic air conditioning with electronic climate control. is happening. The biggest feature of these air conditioners is that they automatically adjust the temperature inside the vehicle.

Driving Dynamics of Opel Corsa


 Opel Corsa, which has the title of the best engine developer of the year, has also surpassed its competitors in driving performance and fuel efficiency. Engine options include both petrol and diesel options. Regardless of whether they are gasoline or diesel, Opel Corsas, which always have low fuel consumption, are often preferred for this reason.

 The start-stop feature, which is among its features, is another feature that makes it easier to use. Thanks to this feature, the engine automatically shuts itself off during pauses made for reasons such as light, and then automatically starts when the gas is pressed and continues on its way. This feature prevents unnecessary burning and spending.

Transmission Features

 Elegance to its sporty and athletic look Opel Corsas are the ones that dedicate these features to the gearbox. They increase the driving experience with their gear options that are very comfortable to use.

Opel Corsas allow a sporty driving thanks to the earpieces located behind the steering wheel. Another detail among the gearbox features is that it has an 8-speed gearbox.

The new Opel corsas, which impress with their features, are car rental Izmir is frequently preferred by companies. These models, which especially attract the young and dynamic segment, have a lot of features in terms of both the most driving experience and safety. Opel Corsas, which have high German technology, also come before car rental companies as a highly desired vehicle by customers with their eye-pleasing design.