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How do you protect your car from the coronavirus? – Istanbul Airport Car Rental

Istanbul Airport Car Rental

How to Protect Your Vehicle from Coronavirus? – Istanbul Airport Car Rental

Istanbul Airport Car Rental< You need to make sure that the car you bought with the /a> services has been disinfected against the coronavirus. So how do you protect your car against coronavirus? You can find the answer in the article.

Coronavirus is a deadly virus spreading all over the world. In addition to the rules to be followed in society, cleaning is one of the most effective methods of protection from this virus. Precautions should be taken by paying attention to personal hygiene. Apart from personal hygiene, the cleanliness of the environment is also very important. Homes and vehicles have points of contact every day. Therefore, due attention should be paid to these points. There are some issues that should be known, especially in the cleaning of vehicles.

The germ taken from outside first goes to the car and then to the house. For this reason, vehicles should be cleaned with the smallest parts in mind. Companies that provide Istanbul Airport car rental services attach great importance to disinfection processes against coronavirus. .

Personal Hygiene and Vehicle

Although living a limited social life with precautions even though it is always present in the community. Microbes taken from outside should never be carried to the vehicle. Therefore, the first thing to do is to pay attention to personal hygiene outside. The most used hands should be thoroughly disinfected and entered into the vehicle. The most touched points such as steering wheel and gear should be cleaned with alcohol. Companies that provide Istanbul airport car rental services are sensitive in this regard.

When you are sure that your hands are disinfected, you should enter the vehicle. You should also pay attention to the people who will get into your vehicle other than you. You should make sure that the person pays attention to their hygiene. Then those parts should be cleaned with alcohol. Thus, you do not carry the microbe you bought from outside to your car and from there to your home. With Istanbul airport car rental services, you should disinfect the vehicle you rent with alcohol.

Car Cleaning

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The vehicle should be cleaned periodically and frequently during the coronavirus. Vehicle cleaning consists of some parts. The interior, exterior, wheels and windows of the vehicle should be carefully cleaned. This will reduce your risk of carrying viruses in your vehicle. To protect yourself from the virus, you should also apply these procedures in the car you rent with Istanbul airport car rental services.

Interior Cleaning


Cleanliness is very important as it contains the most touched areas inside the vehicle. There are options available for this. You can clean the interior of your vehicle in detail with the materials you will buy yourself. You can go to the car cleaning companies and get a complete cleaning. After cleaning, you can wipe the interior of the vehicle with various disinfectants. You should thoroughly disinfect the car you rent with Istanbul airport car rental. These options are the best solutions for car interior cleaning. The point to be considered here is the most touched points.

One of the most important places in the vehicle is the air conditioners. Especially preferred in hot weather air conditioners play an important role in the spread of the virus. If it is time to change the pollen filter of your air conditioner, you should never wait. You definitely need to change it. In addition, the pollen filter should be cleaned every 3 months. At the beginning of the season, attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the filter. During the first 5 minutes when the air conditioner is turned on, the incoming air should not be breathed. During this time, the windows should be as open as possible.

You should never collect garbage in the glove box. Dirty areas can easily become virus carriers.

Coronavirus Prevention in Istanbul Airport Car Rental Services

Cleaning should be done correctly. If the cleaning is done correctly, you will protect your vehicle and yourself from the coronavirus. You will not put your loved ones and family at risk. Therefore, car cleaning should be given great importance for the health of you and your environment. Companies that provide Istanbul airport car rental services also meticulously disinfect their vehicles against coronavirus for the health of their customers.

Vehicle Cleaning Methods

Many different methods are used for cleaning in the stages of protection against coronavirus. In the same way, cleaning is provided by many different methods in vehicle cleaning. However, there are also people who do not know about this subject and do insufficient cleaning. Companies that provide Istanbul airport car rental services disinfect their vehicles after receiving and delivering them.

One of the things that can be done is to wipe the windshields. Windshields can be wiped with the help of wiper. You can also clean your headlights properly with this method. Putting baking soda in your car cleaning water will help kill germs. You can benefit not only from detergents but also from natural methods. You can also choose products such as vinegar, which are frequently used in house cleaning.