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Driving Recommendations on Icy Road

Driving Recommendations on Icy Road

How to Drive a Vehicle on an Icy Road?


Icy roads, which you may encounter in winter, are the best of your driving skills. It is one of those times when it is very tested. It can be quite difficult to drive the vehicle up to 100 meters from where you started driving. In general, it is very important to take the right precautions when the weather is this challenging. Your vehicle's suitability for winter conditions and your driving skills; These are important details that will minimize your risk of accident on icy roads. It is the best move on icy roads to be fully prepared from handling techniques to vehicle equipment and not to make sudden and harsh maneuvers.

How should the vehicle be driven on an icy road?

It is very important to pay attention to some tricks while driving on icy roads. At such times, accidents that can cause loss of property and life are frequently experienced. From the tires to the wipers, you need to be fully prepared.

Driving in Winter;

Driving in the winter is very difficult. When the winter conditions are added to the difficulty of the traffic, it can be even more difficult to drive. If you live in a city with heavy traffic like Istanbul, your vehicle should be ready for winter conditions like the vehicles of our 5s Carrental fleet. You can find a well-maintained, suitable vehicle on Istanbul new airport car rental. In icy weather, you can safely travel with a vehicle that only your driving skills will suffice.

In winter, not only icy roads, but also windy weather and rain can make things difficult. At such times you need to use your driving skills to the best of your ability. If the drivers act carefully and adapt their vehicles to winter conditions, accidents can be easily avoided.


Techniques for Driving on an Icy Road

You should not forget that you need to know some techniques while driving on the road. If you apply the techniques correctly and use your driving skills as best as possible, driving at such times will not be as difficult as it seems.

  • Avoid making sudden and hard maneuvers.
  • Use the smooth driving technique for cornering.
  • When going downhill, lightly touch the brake to get down. When going uphill, be careful to take the road heavy so that it does not skid.
  • Be careful about hidden icing. The best driving technique is to drive slowly against hidden icing that will sway your vehicle to and fro. You can continue on your way just above the minimum speed limit.


Important Driving Techniques on Icy Road

Icy How to drive a vehicle on the road and what important techniques should you know while driving?

In addition to your driving skills, you also need to know important driving techniques. Technical knowledge and driving skills on the icy road will be enough to ensure the safety of both you and other drivers in the traffic.

Steering is one of the most important ways to prevent your vehicle from skidding on an icy road. You should use the steering wheel well on curves that you can't predict or on icy roads that come across suddenly. If there are no vehicles around, you should be careful to stay in the middle of the road. Or if you need to steer while close to a pedestrian crossing, you should try to stay as far away from the pedestrian crossing as possible.


Vehicle Equipment Must Be Suitable for Winter Conditions

Important Another issue is vehicle equipment. The more prepared your vehicle is for winter conditions, the easier your job will be. You should not neglect to make the necessary maintenance of the car. Before you set off, you should do the checks and make sure that the vehicle is ready to drive.

  1. Have the car serviced frequently. If your vehicle is well-maintained, you will have the opportunity to prevent possible malfunctions. Failure of vehicles on the icy road can lead to bad scenarios.
  2. Make sure that the electrical installation is not faulty. It is important that the electrical system works as it should. Especially if the battery fails at such times, it can cause an accident.
  3. Misty and wet windows prevent you from seeing in front of you. For this reason, you should make sure that the wipers do their job well. It is useful to check before using the vehicle.
  4. Don't forget to use snow tires. Regardless of the weather conditions, hidden icing can occur frequently during the winter months. For this reason, you should check the winter tires regularly and renew them if necessary.
  5. You should make sure that the fuel lasts for a long time. Having enough fuel in the tank is also very important. If you run out of fuel and you are stuck in the middle of the road, accidents may occur due to icing.

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