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Causes of Uneven Wear of Tires

Causes of Uneven Wear of Tires

Causes of Uneven Wear of Tires

Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport car rental as 5s CarRental We have prepared a blog on the causes of tires uneven wear. So what are the causes of uneven wear of tires? Details are in our blog.

There are different types of wear related to the wear of tires. These can be stated as wear due to high pressure, wear due to low pressure, wear due to incorrect camber angles, wear due to incorrect toe angles, wear due to incorrect caster angles, wear due to unbalance. As mentioned, the main main causes of tire wear are air pressure, stability issues, bent wheels and alignment issues. A few of the reasons mentioned can cause uneven tire wear.

What Does Irregular Wear of Tires Mean?

There are different types of irregular wear. The most common type of uneven wear for tires is saw-tooth wear, one-sided wear, central wear, and flattening of tire tread from braking.

Let us examine in more detail the common types of uneven wear of tires.

How Does Saw Teeth Wear Occur?

One of the types of irregular wear of tires is saw-tooth wear. The tread grooves on the tire are very necessary to ensure safety while driving on wet and slippery surfaces. The diagonal water drainage grooves can create some free blocks in the tire shoulder area. These blocks are eroded as a result of some working conditions and form a structure called saw teeth.

Small amounts of wear are considered normal in this type of wear. It does not have any negative effects on driving comfort. However, a large amount of wear will affect driving comfort and safety. In order for the wear rate on the tires to be equal, you can apply the regular rotation method on the vehicle tires.

Central Wear

Central wear usually occurs in the tires of vehicles with high engine power and in high air pressure. seen in pressure tyres. In powerful motor vehicles, wear on the teeth can accelerate during stop-start or acceleration when starting at traffic lights. The easiest way to prevent this type of wear is to switch to a non-driven axle. Thus, an even wear structure can be obtained. In addition, the air pressure of the tires should be adjusted in accordance with the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer.

One-Sided Wear

Uneven wear of tires Another type of wear is one-sided wear. The most common situation causing a one-sided type of wear is due to the axle geometry. Deterioration may occur in the axle geometry over time. While driving, there may be distortions in the geometry of the axle due to reasons such as entering potholes, entering bumps at high speed, hitting the pavement.

In addition, using a low profile tire can also adversely affect the alignment of the axle. On the other hand, modified suspension arms can also be counted among the causes of uneven wear. In summary, when the wheels of the vehicle are out of alignment, the wheels must be aligned. If there is a deviation, it should be corrected. All details regarding the Uneven wear of tires are detailed above.

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