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Airport Car Rental

Airport Car Rental

5SCarRental, which provides airport car rental services in 5 major cities of Turkey including Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Samsun and Antalya, eliminates the transportation problem after landing from the plane by providing its valued customers with the latest well-maintained, hygienic and fully equipped vehicles. Thanks to the airport car rental service, our company, which meets the daily or weekly vehicle needs of passengers, especially business travelers or travelers from abroad, is constantly expanding and renewing its vehicle fleet in order to provide you with better and better quality service.

We can provide private car facilities to everyone by providing services with different car options in our airport car rental service. When choosing our car rental service, you can pick up a vehicle of your choice by contacting us directly in the cities where our offices are located. If you do not live in the city where our offices are located and you are coming for a short visit, in this case you can contact us via our website you can choose any vehicle you want by examining our website. When purchasing a car rental service through our website, you can complete your booking processes in 3 steps, you can pick up your car not only from the airport, but also from another address you want. But what you need to tell us should be where you want to get your car delivered from.

To Rent A Car From The Airport

Experience and institutionality are very important when it comes to airport car rental. Especially if you are coming from another city, your booked car must be ready on the specified day and time. It will be unlikely that non-corporate companies will be able to guarantee you this. They usually promise this, but when they don't have a vehicle, they can make you wait at the airport by making up various excuses.

Getting to the city center at the airport is a very difficult matter if you have suitcases at hand by public transport. The choice for this is usually not made in this direction. We deliver vehicles on time to all airports in our cities. Whichever car you want to rent, the car you have booked will be delivered to you for sure. There are more than 500 vehicle options available in our fleet. Our vehicles will meet the needs of your company or your family every round. If you want to rent a car, our chauffeur-driven option is available. Our vehicle will be provided to you with a driver during the period you specify. Jul.