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Vehicle Malfunction And Fault Signs

Vehicle Malfunction And Fault Signs

Vehicle Malfunction And Fault Signs (All)

In order to understand that many elements related to the vehicle work without problems, it is necessary to have accurate information about the car indicators. These vehicle fault signs ensure the safety of the passenger when a trip is made at the same time, it is extremely important to check the fault signs to save the passenger time so that the vehicle does not experience larger failures. The vehicle warning light on a vehicle exceeds 20. However, some problems arise because the meanings of vehicle warning lights are not exactly known to people.

About the Dashboard Warning Lights on Vehicles

Warning lights should be taken into account, which are extremely important for the driving and passenger safety of drivers. Many of these indicators, also known as vehicle breakdown lights, are universal. According to the model of the vehicle, there are some changes due to both the signs and their location. At the same time, vehicle signs and indicators are described both in illustrated and written form in the maintenance manual, which is prepared separately and specifically for each vehicle. The importance of signs in vehicles is shown by the coloring system according to the rating.

Red, green, blue and amber colors are used in vehicle signs. Red indicators are used when there is a very urgent problem, and blue and green car warning signs are used in cases where there are fewer emergency situations. For example, in blue and green warning lights, the low windshield lights up in warnings similar to the flushing liquid. These warning signs apply to fuel-powered vehicles. Electric vehicles, on the other hand, are completely different from them, and the vehicle indicator lights are extremely different. These vehicles have few warning lights due to their high-tech engine designs.

All vehicles also have various dashboard warning lights that work with different systems, such as an engine management lamp or an oil pressure warning lamp. In many vehicles, these lamps appear for a few minutes when the ignition is turned on, and then turn off after a short time. A few of these warning lights can cause problems if they remain lit while the engine is running.

What Are the Vehicle Markings?

Every vehicle must have a car dashboard. The temperature, rpm, speed, fuel, odometer, etc. are placed in a position that is conveniently visible on this panel. there are signs. Since these signs are signs that should be paid attention to while driving, these signs are noticeable visibly as soon as the driver looks at the instrument panel of the vehicle. There are vehicle fault signs located in the form of icons on the front of the car that are not normally lit.

- Car Breakdown Lights

- Security

- Warning

- Lighting

- General

- Advanced Indicators

it is possible to classify as.

Contained in the warning signal; overheat warning lamp tire pressure light, airbag warning lamp, warning lamp the ABS warning light suspension shock absorbers, brake pad warning light, brake pad warning light, warning lamp brake fluid, clogged air filter warning lamp, ESC/EPS warning lamp tire pressure warning light, battery warning light oil pressure warning lamp and as such there are signs.

Lighting panel signs give information about vehicle lights. These signs consist of different variations of indicators such as low beam, high beam, rain warning indicator, light warning indicator, fog light.

When looking at the general indicator signs, these signs are signs such as windshield, liquid warning light, windshield fog, rear window fog warning light, low fuel warning light, open door warning light, open hood warning light.

Advanced indicator signs are not found on most vehicles. These signs; The middle is also located together with the upper segment vehicle models. At the same time, these advanced indicator signs may differ, depending on the vehicle packages. These listed vehicle signs also pay attention to whether the vehicles are equipped with fuel or gears. Diesel vehicles usually have different vehicle malfunction lamps specifically for the engine. There are also vehicle warning lights suitable for the gear characteristics of the vehicle in automatic gear vehicles.

The Meaning of Vehicle Fault Signs

Knowing the meaning of vehicle warning signs is extremely important for the driving safety of drivers. These are the warning lights that pose a danger to drivers while driving;


Engine Control Warning Lamp

The vehicle has an engine malfunction and may burn due to some problems if it is not intervened. That is why it is necessary to go to the service as soon as possible.


Oil Pressure Warning Lamp

It means that the level of fat contained in the vehicle has decreased. That is why the driver must necessarily check the oil level and oil pressure in the vehicle.



Tire Pressure Warning Lamp

Indicates that one or more tires have a pressure problem. The pressure may be too high or too low. In both separate cases, it is necessary to adjust the pressure, as the driver endangers the safety of driving.


Heat Warning Lamp

This warning lamp lights up when the engine overheats and is related to the coolant. When the engine starts to burn, the vehicle should be stopped and the vehicle should be expected to cool down at the same time, the vehicle's water should be checked.


Brake Fluid Warning Lamp

If the brake hydraulic level is less than it should be, the engine turns on . In this case, the vehicle must be taken to the service.



Brake Pad Warning Light

Indicates that the brake pads need to be replaced.



ABS Warning Lamp

If any malfunction occurs in the ABS warning system, it turns on and the vehicle must be taken to the appropriate service.



Airbag Warning Light

Indicates that a problem has occurred with the airbag. And this system needs to be checked.



Hood Warning Light

Due to the fact that the hood is open and the hood is open, the vehicle is in motion, which creates extremely serious problems.


Things to Do in Case of a Malfunction in the Car I Rented

One of the important factors for users who use the car rental service is the failure situations that may occur in vehicles. What kind of road should be followed in case of a malfunction with the rented car. Usually, the reason for the failure situations in rental cars is that the vehicles have a low model and have made excessive mileage. In this case, as 5s CarRental, we are literally eliminating the issue, all vehicles in the 5s CarRental fleet are the latest models and are vehicles that have not yet received their first maintenance. You can get free roadside assistance on 0850 360 06 55, which is active 24/7, if it is related to all malfunctions that may occur. For a comfortable and safe trip, you can choose 5s CarRental in the car rental service.

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